Soul Clarity Session

Amanda FrancesDo you feel like you are making zero progress on your personal transformation?

Amanda FrancesHave you been experiencing resistance and 'road blocks' in your business, but don't know why?

Amanda FrancesAre your thought patterns constantly beating you down?

Amanda FrancesHave you been thinking about reaching out but are afraid of being judged for your past ‘issues’?

Amanda FrancesAre you ready to gain clarity on the thing that is holding you back?

Amanda FrancesAre you ready to have the breakthrough you have been dreaming of (financially, emotionally, spiritually)?

Amanda FrancesAre you ready for some soul alignment?

Friend, the time is now.

Listen, I know what it is like. 3 years ago I was working a job I didn't enjoy. I was dreaming of changing my life. I was struggling to align with myself and purpose, but I knew one thing for sure:

We are the creators of our Reality!

I am the one in control of my life and my purpose is to help others understand their limiting mindset and how to align with their soul.

What has served me more than anything is my sheer determination. I am ridiculously determined to disrupt my thought patterns and continue expanding in this lifetime.

My purpose is to be constantly learning about who I am, aligning with that purpose, and challenging my old ways.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and through outside influences we have lost touch with our true self.

Our reality have been created through patterns that create our feedback loop, also known as our perspectives.

But, this is not about me. I learn this stuff to teach it to you. I go to my next level, so that you will know you can get to yours.

I’ve learned a lot. And it’s my job to teach you. I want to show you the true power in our past experiences, our distorted perspectives, and just how and why you are the creator of your reality. I have to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I now have.

These sessions are new for 2019 and they were born out of a need. I noticed that many in the Mind Tribe were needing a quick realignment and perspective check-in. Sometimes all it takes, is someone looking from the outside to help you move through the block and align with oneself.

Your Soul Alignment:

My mission is to do my part to help you understand and align with your true self.

Together we will… 
Amanda Frances Bring awareness to that past experience that is holding you stuck
Amanda Frances Change the lens in which you are looking through
Amanda Frances Plug the Holes in Your Limiting Mindset
Amanda Frances Create a new perspective to look through and believe in
Amanda Frances Deepen your understanding of past limiting stories and how they hold you back personally and in business
Amanda Frances Clarity around what your next action steps need to be
Amanda Frances Get You Embodying the Spiritual Being That You Are!

What you get:

When you sign up for a Soul Clarity Session, you will get:

Amanda Frances 1x 90 Minute Video or Audio Call
Amanda Frances 1x 30 Minute Follow Up Call
Amanda Frances Personalized Action Guide
Amanda Frances Email Support Between Calls

"Danielle is a great resource for personal growth and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves! If you’re ready to take your life to the next level this program is for you!"

- Sean McQuillan

The Bonuses:

When you sign up for a Soul Clarity Session, you will get:

Amanda Frances The Blocks + Goals Video Workshop - $44.00 value

Amanda Frances Unlimited Access to the Mindset Video Library - $33.00

Amanda Frances The Mindful Meditation E-Book- $9.00 value
Amanda Frances 'I Forgive You....' Video Training + Workbook - (priceless)
Amanda Frances Fear is a Lie Workbook - (priceless)

What to expect:

I’m going to be honest with you, your growth is up to you.

I can’t make you do the work.

Here is what I can do: I can show up, support you, and share with you everything I know. I can brainstorm with you and empower you. I help you to see things differently. I can help you release the limiting ideas holding you back. I can teach you my strategies. I can show you how to get clear on what you want and help you embody your next level. I share with you what has worked for me and what hasn’t — so that you can avoid a whole lot of mistakes.

This offer is set up so that you can take what you learned, apply it, face what is really going on, use the strategies discussed to move through it and change your belief, while having email support to keep working through the block. And then follow up for another alignment and perspective shift. My goal is NOT to give you what I know and leave you stranded. This serves nobody.

Side note: I can not guarantee any specific results. This change is up to you.

Within the first call of working with me clients:
Amanda Frances See clearly what past limiting story is holding them stuck
Amanda Frances Feel a sense of alignment, in understand what is going on
Amanda Frances Reorganize the daily habits that are keeping them where they are
Amanda Frances Re-align with their goals, desires, and purpose
Amanda Frances Create a new understanding of what is

About Danielle

Hi Beautiful Human,

I’m Danielle Grant. I am a mindset mentor for spiritual individuals, a digital course creator, podcast host (The Mind Vibe), and spiritual boss lady. Like I said above, I decided to go all in, three years ago.

Prior to that I worked in the corporate world, trading my time and soul for something that did not align with me anymore.

Fast forward three years, I have had a full spiritual awakening, soul alignment, and own the personal development company I have always dreamed about.

I have spent years trying to master personal development, more specifically mindset, and understanding what my purpose on this planet is.

The bottom line is this: It’s up to me. I create my reality through my thoughts. I am the one in charge of aligning with my true self. I am the one in control of it all.

I am so grateful that all my life experiences have led me to this point. My passion is helping you understand how you have created the reality you live in and how to change it.

I get to help people. I get to inspire people. I get to live a life of my choosing. I get to live a life of purpose.

Nothing I have done matters if I can’t teach you to do the same.

Let me teach you to do the same.


Is this only for entrepreneurs? Absolutely not. My expertise is mindset, thoughts, inner-dialogue, and spiritual awakening/understanding. If you desire to find out what is holding you back (personally and professionally), how to shift it, then this is for you. 

How do I schedule sessions with Danielle? You will be directed to my coaching calendar where you can pay for your session and schedule in a time that works for you, based on my available time. Your 30 minute session will be schedule 10 days after your 90 minute.

What days are sessions held on?  These sessions are available during a certain time. If the link is available to register then the sessions are open.

Do I really get ALL of Danielle's knowledge and expertise? Yes. All of it. The 120 minutes we spend together will be all about you and I will give you everything I have. I am here to serve you and support you in having the breakthrough you are looking for.

How do the Bonuses Work? They will be emailed to you on Tuesday morning when the sessions start.

Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in my ability to shift your mindset and align with your soul. I believe that the spiritual and practical principals I teach can revolutionize your life and business. I believe deeply in these sessions and everything you can and will take away from them.

I believe in you. I believe that you can understand what is holding you back, clear it, and move forward with your desires and purpose, but it is up to you. You have to do the work. 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income.

Let's Align Your Soul

I am ready to turn inward, understand my limiting mindset, what is holding me back, and how to align with my purpose and true self!

Before you go:

If you’ve made it this far, then I am guessing you are wondering whether this could be right for you.

Listen to your heart — it will never led you astray.

I don’t want to talk you into anything. I know it can be a big investment for some. I know it is an investment that can take you to the next level, help you realign with your purpose and set your soul on fire…

But it doesn’t matter what I know.

It only matters what you know.

Take a minute to get still. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply.

Ask yourself, “… is this right for me…?”

Ask whatever you believe in, “… would you have me do this?”

Take a minute to feel what it would feel like to have the support you desire…to have the mindset you desire… to have the life you desire. See yourself waking up each day to a life or business you love. Imagine waking up to a life filled with purpose and passion. Imagine what it would feel like to have everything you want, and to know you’ve created your dream life.

Feel all those feelings now. Take whatever guidance you have received.

Know the answer is coming to you. Whatever signs or symbols or information you need to make a decision will show up. You can trust that. You can trust the guidance you receive.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore.

It’s normal to feel afraid. Feel afraid. And take the next step anyway.


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