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Danielle Grant is a corporate employee turned entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada who climbed the corporate ladder, achieving success in her career but suffered from "a lot of work and very little me" syndrome.
12 years ago, Danielle dropped out of college to pursue a corporate career without a college degree. She started applying for jobs that required post-secondary education and was met with rejection. This started her on her path of personal development and more so understanding the mind and the thoughts that she was having in these situations. 
After spending years starting from the bottom, working the way to the top of organizations, she realized that this was not the life she had been searching for. A trip to Thailand allowed her to explore Buddhism and the power of the mind. Ever since then Danielle has spent many hours learning and understanding how to control the mind, which creates our reality. 
Danielle shares her wealth of knowledge with reality coaching for what actually works so you can start living out your life's desires. 
"I do this work because I love it. I do this work because it comes naturally to me. And more importantly, I do this work because of you. " 
- Danielle G

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