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(#37) Kennedy Justinen

Canadian Boardercross Athlete / Upcoming Olympic Medalist, Social Influencer

My Guest


Kennedy Justinen - Canadian Boardercross Athlete / Upcoming Olympic Medalist, Social Influencer


INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEWS SEASON 2: In this episode I interview Kennedy Justinen, a Canadian Boardercross athlete who is training to become a Gold Medalist in the 2022 Olympics. Just under 2 years ago, Kennedy was at her first big national competition since deciding to LEARN and COMPETE in Boardercross, placing dead last, to this past year finishing 6th at nationals and is now on the other side of the world training to pursue her dream of gold at the 2022 olympics. Some may think her dream is impossible but Kennedy is proving it to be possible and is making it happen. Tune into this episode as she shares her journey of being the under dog to being someone who has potential. Kennedy also shares about the adversity she has faced so far on this journey. This is a MUST listen episode.


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