What Kobe Bryant Taught Us About Mindset And Success (1978–2020)

mindset Feb 02, 2020

(This post does not come without massive grief, emotions, heartache, and tears.)

Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant looking out at the ocean, having an extremely productive morning.

In fact I had just come off of an extremely productive weekend, getting things done that would move my dream business forward.

Everything was going great and then I opened instagram and the first post I see is from Lewis Howes and he was sharing the sudden news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, after a helicopter crash.

I was immediately sick to my stomach.

‘This isn’t real. There is no way.’ I thought to myself.

So I looked it up, and YES, it was in fact true.

I felt like I was going to vomit. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

About 30 minutes after I read that his 13 year old daughter was also with him.

In fact there was 9 people on board, and there were no survivors.

In an instance my whole entire mood, energy, and life changed (more on this below).

Did I know Kobe...

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What made me decide to become an Entrepreneur?

mindset my journey Jan 08, 2020

[this original article is hosted on medium.com]

A question that I get asked often is ‘What made me decide to become an Entrepreneur?’

That answer is both simple and complicated.

I will give you the simple answer first.

I lost my corporate job and had a decision to make which was to go for it and become an entrepreneur or go back to the corporate world.

 This is how 90% of Entrepreneurs get started — life challenges you with a choice and you decide to jump.

After spending 10 years climbing the corporate ladder and achieving success, I was ultimately tired of working extremely hard for someone else and being a slave to certain hours and days.

I was tired of getting screwed around with my pay.

I was tired of working the same hours, day in and day out.

I was tired of being limited to my holiday time.

So when I was presented with an opportunity to take the leap of becoming my own boss and doing whatever Entrepreneurs do, I went for it.

This also happened...

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What Would You Do With 2 days Of No Wifi or Cell Service?

mindset Dec 16, 2019

I don’t know about you but I actually crave a break from the social world on the regular.

And this weekend I was reminded just how much I enjoy when I have no wifi or cell service.

I spent the weekend at my dads and he did not have any wifi and I had no cell service, it was BLISS.

But before I paint this picture that it was amazing, I want to explain what happened when I realized I had work to do and NO wifi to complete anything….

I had planned on getting a few things done over the weekend and left them on my list because I knew I would have time to get them done

But when I realized I would not have access to complete those things (due to wifi) my monkey mind went into overdrive.

“You are going to be behind with your work now” (judgement / negative)

“Why didn’t you just get it finished when you could?” (Personal beatdown)

“What are people going to think if you do not post like you said you would?” (Judgement / pure craziness)


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In this episode I interview Kennedy Justinen, a Canadian Boardercross athlete who is training to become a Gold Medalist in the 2022 Olympics. Just under 2 years ago, Kennedy was at her first big national competition since deciding to LEARN and COMPETE in Boardercross, placing dead last, to this past year finishing 6th at nationals and is now on the other side of the world training to pursue her dream of gold at the 2022 olympics. Some may think her dream is impossible but Kennedy is proving it to be possible and is making it happen. Tune into this episode as she shares her journey of being the under dog to being someone who has potential. Kennedy also shares about the adversity she has faced so far on this journey. This is a MUST listen episode.

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Listen to Episode #37 as I chat with Kennedy Justinen about her olympic dream,...

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On this episode I interview Amy Perkins and we talked all things BELIEF, spiritual awakening, how parents need to stop looking at their child for validation, and so much more. We had a great conversation and covered some awesome topics. You do not want to miss this episode. Amy is the one of the most beautiful souls, who is shining her light brighter than ever, and has some real authentic knowledge and experiences to share with you that will inspire you to shift some of the perspectives you have in your life.

I'd love to know what you thought of this episode. Leave me a comment down below.


Listen to Episode #36 as I chat with Amy Perkins about all things belief, death, spirituality, parenting, and soul alignment. This was an awesome interviews!



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Starts: Tues July 9th, 2019

Finish: Sat Sept 7th, 2019

New episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEWS: James Chapman + Addison Corbin

In this episode I interviews James D. Chapman and Addison Corbin from the Grinder Podcast.  I met these two when they asked me to be a guest on their show and they continue to inspire me with what they are doing on their podcast, within their businesses, and the inner transformation they have had. Through their own personal inner journey they have been able to grow and learn about the lessons early on. There is some really good nuggets in this episode that are going to inspire you to keep going. James reminds us that we need to find our NORTH STAR and strive every day to move one step closer. Addison reminds us that everything in life is a blessing or a lesson. I am so grateful these two were my opening interview in this series. 

>> Check out the show notes and links here <<

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Listen to Episode #35 as I chat with James & Addison about their podcast - The Grinder Podcast,...

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Inspirational Interviews Is Back For Season 2!

Inspirational Interviews is an interview series I host where I bring on very inspiring guests who have made massive transformations in their lives and are living proof that when you decide to go all in and push forward daily you will achieve success, transformation, and alignment with your goals and dreams. They are also sharing about their inner journey and awakening to oneself.

Listen in on Episode #34 as I welcome you to this season of Inspirational Interviews.


Listen to Episode #34 as we kick off the series.


I'd love to know what you thought of this episode. Leave me a comment down below.


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Starts: Tues July 9th, 2019

Finish: Sat Sept 7th, 2019

New episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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Consciously Aligned, You?

This past week I sent out a really important letter to the The Weekly Mind Vibe VIP Email List and I am not going to lie, it was really good. 

I was sharing about a SHIFT I experienced and the direction my life and business are going in. It was so good that I decided I need to share it with you on the blog.

So here it is, enjoy!

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Good Morning You Beautiful Human and Welcome To A New Week!

This past week I have felt a BIG shift in my life. Things feel different. My creativity and drive are high right now and things are flowing.

This shift happened because of a couple reasons:

  1. I have been doing the inner work to level up.
  2. I can feel my wisdom, energy, and courage are making a difference in your lives.
  3. The universe has been supporting my every move. My intuition has been high and things have been aligning.
  4. The energy in the cosmos (universe) is new to us and things are being felt on a conscious level.

(Like this desire to understand oneself...

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You Are Not Your Thoughts

I remember a time when I used to always be worried about doing and saying the right thing.

I was always thinking scenarios over again. I would wonder if that person was talking about me.

It was crazy.

I was trying to keep up this image of the person I thought I was supposed to be.

I became very dark inside and I was on auto-pilot just living my life. My mind was always in the past, the future, and the what-ifs.

For so many years I was always worrying about everyone else opinions over my own.

But, I don’t live like that anymore.

I live in a place where I don’t give a f*ck.

I live in a place of ‘ let them talk about me. Let them talk about how I came out of nowhere.’

I found my voice, my self-love, my self-worth, and my self-acceptance.

I live with the lightbulb turned on inside. I live with freedom and flow mentally.

We become prisoners to our own life. We become prisoners to our own thoughts.

Your reality doesn’t have to be stuck in your thoughts. You...

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Being Diagnosed With An Autoimmune Disease Changed My Life...For The Better.



[ a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.] 


In 2013 after spending the weekend partying at a music festival, drinking copious amounts of booze, consuming drugs, and getting hardly any sleep, I started to get little dots of dry red skin on my legs.

As the months went on, my partying and lifestyle went to a whole new level. The little red dots started showing up everywhere on my body. My legs, my arms, my face, my whole body was covered in these little red dots.

Naturally, the first thing I did was google ‘red dry skin dots on my body’. Self-prescribed doctor Danielle had everything under the sun!

Keep in mind at this point in my life I was just a motivated, rah-rah, positive person. I didn’t really understand the whole mindset, our spirit self, and what was really going on.

After going to the walk-in clinic, the verdict was “I am not sure what you have but take...

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