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meditation Jan 11, 2021

Your Mindset Mentor has announced their business strategy meditation bundle to improve your entrepreneurial mindset for success and motivation throughout 2021.


Are you looking for a new business strategy for 2021? Would you like to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through focused meditation? 

Your Mindset Mentor has launched their eight meditations bundle for entrepreneurs like you seeking to utilize meditation as a business strategy for the coming year by developing your mindset, improving your focus, and boosting your success. 

Visit for more information.

The meditations in the bundle from Your Mindset Mentor aims to give you a selection of meditations that cover key areas of an entrepreneur's lifestyle and business, such as abundance, content creation, sales calls, and outreach. Each meditation is designed to give you the benefit of clarity and focus to your subconscious mind.

The world of...

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Mind Vibe Podcast: #123 | Alignment 2021 Part 4: The Dream Party

This is the last week of the Alignment 2021 series on The Mind Vibe Podcast.

In the first episode of this series, I shared a mini-workshop helping you understand WHY the mindset is so important and showing you WHY you are stuck or not moving forward in a certain area.

You can listen to that episode here.

In the second episode, I was talking about doing a reflection, which is what I call The Pre-Game.

When you take time to do a reflection you offer yourself the ability to gain clarity on what you may have forgotten.

You are able to see just how far you have come, what has changed, and what you are capable of doing.

Part of this episode today is a 3-page written exercise that you can take action on whenever you want. No matter the time of the year.

Listen to this episode here.

And in last week’s episode, we went through part of The Mindset Method - leveraging the 3 Step Mindset Framework.

The framework that I am sharing in this episode has the ability to radically...

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Wealth Meditations For Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs I talk to say they want to meditate but either don’t have the time or don’t think it works for them.


Both of these excuses are not real. The reason you do not meditate has nothing to do with ‘time’ or it not working for you.


It has everything to do with your understanding of it.


Meditation is about allowing yourself the opportunity to become one with yourself, with your thoughts.


The point of meditation is to hear where you are attached and provide yourself the opportunity to detach and provide either a new concept to your subconscious mind or a neutralized perspective on the thing you are thinking about.


I remember when I first got serious about meditation. I thought I was doing it wrong because my mind wasn’t silent.


I would sit there and try so hard, but no matter what I did, I could not have a clear mind.


It wasn’t until one day I heard a thought, ‘you are missing...
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What is Spiritual Fitness?

2 years ago I started to get this feeling like my life was about to shift.

I started to meditate more. I started to journal out my desires and goals. What I wanted my life to look like. I started to say out loud the things I desired.

It started with meditation. I started slowing down my life to be in the present moment and actually listen to my thoughts. 

I would ask myself what I really wanted. What did I want my life to look like? Feel like?

I started to write my goals down more frequently. I started to read them every day and say them out loud.

  1. I am moving back to Kelowna (live here now)
  2. I am working for myself (yup)
  3. I am changing people’s lives (didn’t know how but wanted to!) (yup)

I started to get deliberate about the changes I wanted in my life.

  • I am losing 25lbs and having a strong body (achieved)

Then it happened, 2 months after this shift, I got let go from my last corporate job. I remember leaving that day thinking this is exactly what is supposed...

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