Yes, The Coaching Industry Is Broken, But So Is Your Mindset.

coaching mindset Apr 25, 2021

Yup, I said it - The coaching industry is broken. But you already know that to be true. I also just opened this up by saying you have a broken mindset. 

Before your ego goes and throws a tantrum or you think I just labeled you, chill out, and read on.

Now that we have those two facts out of the way, let’s look into WHY the coaching industry is broken and why your mindset is also.

With the rise in coaches, comes an imbalance of ethics, results, and impact, not only of self but also internally.

There is no denying the increase in ‘coaches’ since the internet became a thing. You are bombarded with ads from all the coaches.

“Buy this, make millions”

“Hire me and all of your problems will go away.”

Do these sound familiar? They should. You are seeing them every day. You have internet marketers telling everyday folks, this is how you start an online business - you coach!

How many ads do you see in a day asking if you want help launching your...

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