Yes, The Coaching Industry Is Broken, But So Is Your Mindset.

coaching mindset Apr 25, 2021

Yup, I said it - The coaching industry is broken. But you already know that to be true. I also just opened this up by saying you have a broken mindset. 

Before your ego goes and throws a tantrum or you think I just labeled you, chill out, and read on.

Now that we have those two facts out of the way, let’s look into WHY the coaching industry is broken and why your mindset is also.

With the rise in coaches, comes an imbalance of ethics, results, and impact, not only of self but also internally.

There is no denying the increase in ‘coaches’ since the internet became a thing. You are bombarded with ads from all the coaches.

“Buy this, make millions”

“Hire me and all of your problems will go away.”

Do these sound familiar? They should. You are seeing them every day. You have internet marketers telling everyday folks, this is how you start an online business - you coach!

How many ads do you see in a day asking if you want help launching your online coaching business? My guess is lots. 

We have identified, the coaching industry is broken because there is a vast range of ways to coach, allowing basically anyone to become one.

But there is also another side to this broken industry and that is that your mindset is broken, causing you to have a couple of different things happen

  1. Your mindset has created a belief that coaches are everywhere (because they are)
  2. You have hired these coaches and didn’t get the results you wanted, so you have created a belief that ALL coaches are terrible
  3. You did not take ownership of self and expected the program to get all the results, allowing you to create a belief that coaching doesn’t work and there are no good coaches out there

As you can see above, none of these have anything to do with the coaching industry per se, and everything to do with you and how you perceive and interact with these coaches.

My experience with coaching and how it didn’t work

I am positive someone will view this article and think ‘well isn’t she a coach, selling us the same thing?’.

And sure, that is a valid thought, but also one of the reasons you should continue reading.

My experience with coaches started when I was a kid and I was in sports. I had coaches that helped me improve and helped the team win.

These types of coaches are excellent and instill great morals, values, and actions into their athletes.

For years, this was my perception of coaches. They helped you improve, they had wisdom you didn’t, and they were looking for the win of the team.

At 10 years old that perception changed when I was introduced to a counselor because I was a ‘troubled and depressed’ child.

They sold me on the idea of this being like a coach and I bought into it. 

For a couple of years, I went to these counseling sessions, thinking through the lens that they were coaching me through my challenges.

It didn’t take me long after being checked into the psychiatric ward because I wanted to take my life, that I realized the counseling had done nothing for me. In fact, it had made it worse and I didn’t even know.

From that moment I vowed to not ever sit in a counselor chair again and that I would see a different type of coach.

For years, I sought out personal development books as coaches. I was finding more understanding and value in that reading than anything before.

At the same time, I started to transition into this, the internet was rising and things were becoming more accessible.

Online coaches were becoming a thing and many of the books I was reading had blogs or programs you could invest in.

This was the start of my online coaching journey and let me tell you, it was just as broken back then, as it is today! 

I spent a few years trying to do these online programs and still enhance my wisdom through reading, but found myself making little headway in my personal growth and development. 

It wasn’t until I found myself in Thailand, at a Buddhist temple that I started to question the wisdom of buddha and our attachment to thought.

Also at this time, the teachings of Buddha were not readily available, and as mainstream, as it is today. This journey led me to a local temple that I could go and receive mentorship and guidance. 

Allowing me to understand in greater depth how we attach ourselves to beliefs and thoughts and how to neutralize those experiences.

My mindset started to open to a new understanding and I began to see WHY all the coaching before wasn’t working and I started to become aware of the flaw in this industry.

In fact, I had seen it for a long time in the personal development space prior, but I didn't know what I was seeing or looking for, and I could not make the distinction then.

A few years after this awakening to greater wisdom, I lost my job and had made a choice to build my own business.

And if you guessed it... it is an online business.

<cue all the ads>

Little did I know how powerful the online ad engine was and before I knew it I was seeing coaches and programs everywhere.

At first, I didn’t realize what was going on, but then I started to figure it out. When it came time for me to invest in some support, I didn’t know where to start.

There were so many coaches.

There were so many programs.

Everyone was telling me I could be a millionaire in 1 month

After making some investments I learned very quickly that there was a massive piece missing from all these online business programs.

NONE of them focused on the beliefs that would get triggered internally when you take action on these programs, challenging all aspects of your ego and self.

Then it dawned on me to look at some of the higher ticket stuff because surely they have figured out the internal self and how important that is to their client's success.

Some of the programs I invested in had this aspect but it was still missing something and people were confused about how they were not able to move through their self-sabotaging beliefs.

This is the moment I realized how powerful my work was. 

I had spent the last 15 years through a personal experience understanding this aspect of thought, yet no one I was learning from could explain it the way I had come to understand.

I took everything I learned through personal development and Buddhist wisdom and I paired it with the coaching programs to help me build my business and I started to see results.

I started to see myself moving through the internal blocks more than anyone else. It was at this moment that I knew what my role was and what my business was going to be about - MINDSET.

But not just regular mindset, the understanding, and truth of mindset and what it is in terms of an operating system that runs your life and business.

Shifting your perspective from broken to ownership.

Let’s acknowledge one more time that the coaching industry is broken (we did that for your subconscious mind).

Let’s also acknowledge that your level of ownership is most likely not where it could have been, stifling your results.

Until you shift from your current idea of how this industry is broken, everyone and their dog is a coach, and nobody is getting results, you will continue to see this as a distorted thing and struggle to find the coach that can help you.

I just shared some of my personal experience with coaching and acknowledged that I had to look within and shift, allowing me to get the results of the program.

The same goes for you.

Currently, you are looking at all the coaches as the same. Not getting the results, not really being an expert, and anything else you are listening to.

But what about that coach that does get the results you want and is the expert?

How are you going to find them, if you currently think everyone is the same and doesn’t get results?

[let me clarify: being the expert should come with years and experience behind them] 

You are not going to find them in your current mindset. That is a fact.

This is where ownership comes into play.

Sure, you could sit back and watch all the coaches come online, selling their products, ‘promising’ results, and think they are all scammers and not actual coaches.


You could take time to check out the ones you resonate with. Go through some of their content, listen to some of their podcasts or videos, and make an educated decision based on how they showed up, how you vibed with them, and the information they were sharing.

Most won’t even think about option two, because their mindset won’t let them get past option #1.

Let’s bring in the shiny object that is the crossbow in this whole experience - You want the results, without putting in the work.

I know you want quick results and fast money, but that isn’t realistic and that mindset in itself is keeping you stuck.

How many times have you invested into a ‘coach’ to not get the result you wanted?

Was it the program?

Was it the coach?

Was it you not taking ownership?

Was it you not challenging your limiting beliefs?

What was it really?

It could have been the program or coach, in which case neutralize that experience and move on.

It could have been you not taking ownership and getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. In which case take ownership and acknowledge that you thought this shiny object would make you millions and fix all of your problems.

Your solution to moving forward is not to look at the coaching industry as broken or like it doesn’t get you results or you don’t know how to trust. 

Your solution is to recognize the lens in which you have created around the coaching industry and what your internal expectations are of results and self.

Stop fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Another aspect of this broken industry is that you have been sold their solution as a one size fits all.

Last time I checked, you and I both have our own beliefs and thoughts, meaning we are not a one size fits all, so why are we thinking coaching is the same way?

The aspect that allows your coaching to work is YOU. It is your internal beliefs, thoughts, and stories.

When you hire a coach or invest in a program, most likely they have a strategy and a process that IF you take action on, you SHOULD get the result they promised you.

However, should your ego-self show up (which it always does, without fail) then you will find yourself playing small, fearing stepping outside your perceived comfort zone, and not getting the results you want.

You have to take their information, their coaching, and their program and make it fit within yourself and your beliefs.

Right now you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. What you need to be doing is take the square peg and conform it to fit into your round hole.

You do this by aligning your beliefs with the actions you need to be taking in that program.

Truthfully though, a very small amount of people actually know how to do this. And that is not because it is difficult, but rather because the world doesn’t want you to understand the power in this operating system.

When you become aware of the mindset as an operating system instead of a society term, you begin to see WHY you perceived the coaching as not working before.

The mindset is made of 3 aspects; ego, subconscious, and consciousness.

All 3 of these are working in the background and working against you if you do not know how to manage them.

3 Questions To Get More Out Of Your Coaching

I wrote this article because I want to challenge your perception of coaching and what you believe to be true.

I want you to be able to go back to a program that you invested in and GET the results you wanted. 

So far, I have disrupted your idea of coaching and helped you understand what is broken and why you are not getting the results you want.

Now, I want to share with you 3 simple questions you can ask yourself whenever you are listening to that inner negative voice. 

[ some of my clients tell me that this framework is priceless, yet so few still use it! But not you. ]

I call this the 3 Step Mindset Framework:

#1 What am I currently believing to be true?

#2 Why am I believing this to be true?

Where did this belief originate from?

#3 What do I want to believe to be more true?

Take this framework into these two questions and see for yourself where you are in your mindset now, where this all came from, and what would serve you instead.

  1. What am I currently believing to be true about the coaching industry?
  2. What do I currently believe to be true about the results I get through coaches?

As you can see this framework is very interchangeable. In fact, you can use it in all aspects of your life.

Asking these questions allows you to work THROUGH the 3 aspects of your mindset and gaining full clarity and ownership of what is going on.

Listen, I know you want the results.

You want the freedom of time freedom.

You want the money.

You want the clients.

You want all the things...and all those things are available for you.

But only if you are willing to see beyond where you are right now. You need to gain awareness of what you are currently believing and find the misalignment that is keeping you stuck.

Without this shift, you will continue to deny yourself the support, coaching, and expansion that you desire.

If you hold a perception that everyone is a coach and no one gets results, then you will NEVER find the coach who will help you because you will never see them in front of you.

What I just shared with you is a classic example of how your mindset gets conformed and through repetition of ads and internal negative thoughts, you have come to create a distorted perception of the coaching industry and the results that are available for you.

Taking time to apply the 3 Step Mindset Framework will allow you to see how you may be holding yourself back through either a perception of coaching or through not taking ownership of self and the need to transform the internal chatter when taking action on these programs.

The choice is yours…

Yes, the coaching industry is broken, but so is your mindset and now you understand that there is a missing element to all of this and that is the piece that allows you to get the results you want and to align with the coach or program for you.

Don’t shut yourself off because of a destroyed perception your ego-mind created, rather be open to exploring the deeper meaning and truth of mindset, the operating system of your life, and explore how it works within all aspects of your life and IS the driving force to the results you want.



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