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What is Spiritual Fitness?

2 years ago I started to get this feeling like my life was about to shift.

I started to meditate more. I started to journal out my desires and goals. What I wanted my life to look like. I started to say out loud the things I desired.

It started with meditation. I started slowing down my life to be in the present moment and actually listen to my thoughts. 

I would ask myself what I really wanted. What did I want my life to look like? Feel like?

I started to write my goals down more frequently. I started to read them every day and say them out loud.

  1. I am moving back to Kelowna (live here now)
  2. I am working for myself (yup)
  3. I am changing people’s lives (didn’t know how but wanted to!) (yup)

I started to get deliberate about the changes I wanted in my life.

  • I am losing 25lbs and having a strong body (achieved)

Then it happened, 2 months after this shift, I got let go from my last corporate job. I remember leaving that day thinking this is exactly what is supposed to be happening.

I had put so much into my desire to change my life. I got intentional about what I wanted.

I wanted a complete life transformation. I wanted to figure out how I could have all my desires. I wanted to find my purpose and soul alignment, and that is what I got.

The day after I got let it go, it was my 29th birthday and I remember waking up thinking, I will forever look back on this birthday as the day that changed my life. 

And it did. From that moment forward everything fell in place, kinda.

I decided that morning that I was going to do whatever I needed to in order to change my life.

There were 3 things I knew from the beginning:

  1. I needed to learn how to leverage the online space for my future business

(let’s be real, this is the truth, everything, eurthing is on the internet now!)

  1. I was going to find and develop my entrepreneur character and get to work learning, creating, failing, trying, failing, trying, winning
  2. The universe or higher power somehow had my back. (I truly believed this).

All of the ideas to make a shift in my life, gain clarity, start meditating, journaling, and affirming more, were being guided from my higher self.

At the time I didn’t know that that’s what it was. But I do now.

Now I know that when we allow ourselves to explore something we don’t know but are curious in, it can open to a new world.

Your higher self is always opening doors for you.  

Your higher self is always guiding you to the path of least resistance.

But if you are like me and you are unaware about your higher self or how to connect with it and listen to it, then you are not picking up the clues that it is giving you, and life is not what your fullest desires are.

Your purpose in this lifetime is spiritual alignment with your higher self.

To connect with your higher self you have to have a certain level of spiritual fitness.

You may be a spiritually awakened soul but your spiritual fitness is not tapped in to or is under developed.

If that is you then you are finding it hard to understand yourself and why some of the things happening in your life are happening. 

Spiritual Fitness like Physical Fitness is a way for you to measure your spiritual progress. 

Are you still moving uphill and you have more experiences to move through, or are you headed downhill and things flow to you and are easier?

Like physical fitness is it also a movement. Being physically fit is expected nowadays, spiritual fitness is the same. More people are seeing the value in connecting with their higher self and becoming present to the moment.

Also, like physical fitness, it is a lifestyle. You change your eating and incorporate working out into your daily lifestyle. You don’t become resistant to do it. It is part of your lifestyle. Spiritual fitness is no different. You meditate, journal, affirm and work with energy as part of your daily routine. It is part of how you live.

I recorded a video on Spiritual Fitness this morning and I want to encourage you to check it out.

Taking care of your spiritual and mental needs is becoming an expected reality and it is my job to show you how to do it.

See you on the video!

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