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After a bizarre trail of events and thoughtful consideration Inspirational Interviews and anything Your Mindset Mentor will not be released this week.

There comes a time when adjustments must be made and one must release what is no longer working or serving and that time is now for me.

To say that I have put my heart and soul into my business, podcast, group, and everything else would be an understatement but to continually be running into negatives or bizarre external factors I have to take a step back and really see what is going on and why this keeps happening.

In the last 2 months I have questioned everything that I am doing and while I am very aware that most breakthroughs happen when everything is falling apart, for my own sanity and the growth of my business I have to take a step back.

A part of me feels like a failure right now, a part of me feels like I am not good enough, a part of me feels like I am at the beginning of a breakthrough and a breakdown.

And the hard truth is that the breakdown feels much more aligned right now in this moment.

This reflection did not come easy, rather phone calls to those close to me in absolute tears wondering why this was happening or why I felt so strongly that I needed to give up on everything.

I have shown many of my wins and a few of my set-backs but this one right now is the turning point to what will be in the future and this is the hardest one for me.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes a lot out of you. People around you can't support you the way that you want them too. Complete strangers feel the need to tell you what you are not doing right. You put a lot of time and effort in and see very little financial return back (at the beginning). It is f*king hard. And sadly whatever I am doing or what I am attracting is not working right now and I have to push STOP on everything.

Is this me giving up? NO! Is this me being real and sharing this other side to what looks so glamours? YES!

I thank everyone who has supported me in anyway since starting this business at the beginning of 2018. I am so grateful for each of you that has rallied to get me to this point.

This is not the end. Rather a new beginning. But I am not going to sit here and pretend like it is all sunshine and rainbows in the time I am experiencing right now.

A change must be made and I must have enough vulnerability and humility to make that happen for myself and what I so dream of doing with Your Mindset Mentor. ✌️❤️


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