The #1 Business Strategy in 2021 For Entrepreneurs

mindset Jan 03, 2021

I know you’re probably tired of reading headlines that promise you the magic bullet to your success.

The advertisements seem to be everywhere you look…

“Buy this and make $100,000”

“This one funnel will make all your dreams come true”

This headline is not going to promise you either of those things.

But what it will promise you is a different opinion or perspective on what I believe to be the most underground, low-key business strategy the successful have found.

Why is this business strategy different from others?

98% of the things you opt-in for, purchase, or download are all based on human marketing tactics.

The goal of these products is to help you ‘build’ out your business foundation.

( You know the pieces of your business that create the physical mechanism of your product, service, or offer.)

And they are needed to be successful.

But there is one crucial aspect to ALL of these things and that is the person behind them.

Your mindset and what you believe to be true is something that gets deployed whenever you go to take action on that business strategy you are learning.

And if for any reason your beliefs do not align with the ease, flow, and alignment of what you are taking action on, you will create resistance, self-sabotaging thoughts, and you will not enjoy the experience you are in.

The #1 business strategy in 2021 should NOT be another marketing strategy or shiny object.

It should be the business strategy of your mental mind, of your thoughts.

Why might you ask?

As buddha said “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think”.

If your business strategy is so focused on the ‘marketing’ and not on the alignment of self with the marketing, you will become the marketing and the marketing struggle.

If you choose to become the version of you that already has a thriving marketing aspect, an abundant business, and is always moving through the inner challenges with ease, then you will be the alignment of your higher self.

This will promise you a different opinion or perspective on what I believe to be the most underground, low-key business strategy the successful have found.

Pairing your mindset, the inner work, with your business strategy is what many of the success ahead of you have figured out.

Let’s take the great Kobe Bryant as an example.

Image from

And before you go and say ‘he is not an entrepreneur, he is an athlete’.

Think about what an athlete is? An entrepreneur of self, showing up as the professional athlete that he/she is!

Kobe Bryant learned at an early age the power in his mental thoughts. In his second summer of freshman high school ball, he decided to come back better than ever.

He started to tell himself he was the GREATEST player of all time. He started changing his mental habits to get up early, train hard, leave late, and repeat.

Through his thought transformation, his action and work ethic followed. It was his mindset that allowed him to show up and take action on his craft (for you, your business).

Kobe paired his mindset and belief in what he wanted, with the physical action and improvement of his craft and went on to become one of the GREATEST players of all time.

He accomplished his dream through extreme dedication and work ethic, but it all started with his thoughts and what he was listening to in his mental mind.

This is a great example of how powerful your thoughts are and why they should be your #1 focus in 2021.

What is Mindset?

So what is the mindset, these thoughts I am talking about?

There are 4 aspects to the mind:

Ego Mind

Subconscious Mind

Conscious Mind

Super Conscious Mind

And the areas that we are talking about are the Ego, Subconscious, and Conscious mindsets.

Your ego mind is your human aspect. It is the first mindset to engage and to filter any thoughts, opinions, or perspective through.

Then you have the subconscious mind. This is the mind that acts as the recording system. Everything your ego and conscious mind produce are written into the subconscious mind.

The more time the same experience is introduced, the more that is written in your subconscious mind (more on this below).

And lastly, the conscious mind is your higher self. It is your higher aspect. Your intuition.

When I talk about your thoughts being the #1 business strategy in 2021, I am talking about looking into what you believe to be true in your ego and subconscious mind.

And then I am saying use your conscious mind to reprogram and reintroduce what you currently believe to be true.

The beautiful thing about the subconscious mind is that you can introduce new ideas and it can begin to believe those instead. It is a completely moldable aspect of you.

And an aspect that must be leveraged to align with your truest desires, especially as an Entrepreneur.

Your business at the end of the day is literally nothing more than a thought manifested in real human time.

(The conversation on manifestation is another article — coming jan 2021)

What you believe to be true is what you experience.

If you believe your business is hard, you lack worth, you can’t make money, then your business and experience will reflect every aspect of that to you.

If you believe your business is continually improving, you are always aligning with new clients, and you are constantly making an impact, then your experience will reflect most of that back to you.

It takes the same amount of time to learn another marketing tactic and implement that, as it does to learn how to transform your thoughts and take daily imperfect action on making that happen.


All the business strategies you are learning will become 10x more effective when you can align you and your mental mind with what you are wanting to take action on.

I cannot say that enough times.

Now that you understand WHY your thoughts should be your #1 priority as an Entrepreneur in 2021.

Here is a simple 3 Step Framework you can use every day before you go to take action on your business marketing, outreach, creation, etc.

The intention is to find your self sabotaging or limiting belief that is out of alignment with the action or intention you have BEFORE going to take action.

This framework is designed to bring your subconscious clarity as to what it is believing to be true right now.

It then asks you a question to see why you are believing such a thing to be true.

This stage allows the subconscious mind to show your ego that this thought does not belong to you.

It finishes with asking you want you to want to believe to be more true.

This part is crucial because this is the word track that will introduce a new belief that will support you in making the damn thing happen.

3 Step Mindset Framework:

That is it.

Ask these 3 simple questions BEFORE you go to take action on that thing that you have been resisting, that is causing you misalignment, and that is slowing you down.

If you take action on this framework for the rest of 2021, alongside all the other business things you are learning and implementing, you will see just how much control you now have.

And how much of your TIME (that you seem to never have!) has been wasted on battling the inner self-sabotaging beliefs vs getting out ahead of them.

Let the inner work of your thoughts be your #1 business strategy in 2021, my fellow Entrepreneur.

And watch the magic unfold of everything you desire and see the alignment of self in real-time.

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