What Would You Do With 2 days Of No Wifi or Cell Service?

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What Would You Do With 2 days Of No Wifi or Cell Service?

I don’t know about you but I actually crave a break from the social world on the regular.

And this weekend I was reminded just how much I enjoy when I have no wifi or cell service.

I spent the weekend at my dads and he did not have any wifi and I had no cell service, it was BLISS.

But before I paint this picture that it was amazing, I want to explain what happened when I realized I had work to do and NO wifi to complete anything….

I had planned on getting a few things done over the weekend and left them on my list because I knew I would have time to get them done

But when I realized I would not have access to complete those things (due to wifi) my monkey mind went into overdrive.

“You are going to be behind with your work now” (judgement / negative)

“Why didn’t you just get it finished when you could?” (Personal beatdown)

“What are people going to think if you do not post like you said you would?” (Judgement / pure craziness)

This is where my mind went when I realized I would not have WIFI!

And this is when I had to check myself

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME DANIELLE?” - I thought to myself

I started realizing just how much my mindset was wrapped around this NEED to be connected and if I was not, then I was not doing a good job.

Which does not align with me.

So instead of letting my MINDSET get the best of me, I made a decision in that moment to embrace my lack of connection and be present.

None of the things my monkey mind was worrying about mattered.

It was in that moment that I was reminded just how much we are all addicted and wrapped around this online, social, wifi space.

Making the decision to disconnect completely was EXACTLY what I needed (thank you universe).

I was able to be present with my dad, we went cross country skiing, we READ books, we looked at map books to find new ski areas, we did things that people did PRE-INTERNET and it felt so aligned.

I also spent some time reflecting on my 2019 year, getting clear on what I learned and what I needed to learn in 2020 to take my business to the next level.

I gained clarity on what the first quarter in 2020 was going to look like.

I got clear on how I could get more time freedom by outsourcing tasks and changing my schedule to have more personal boundaries.

It was just the best place to be in and I am so grateful it happened.

Additionally, the biggest thing I took away from this disconnected place was just how much I DO NOT want to be on the social networks the way that I am.

Am I grateful that I can get on the social networks and connect with all of you, YES!

But I do not want to spend hours on the networks. Which means I need to create a better strategy for myself so that I can accomplish this intention.

I decided to build this business so that I could have time freedom

And so that I could be as present in my life as possible and being on the social networks the way that I have been, is taking away from that intention.

At the beginning of the weekend I was feeling anxious (perceived feeling) and was overthinking (monkey mind) about how I was not connected to the networks and wouldn’t be able to get some things done.

But by the end of the weekend I was reminded just WHY I don’t want to spend more than needed on the social networks and it allowed to me realign with my desired end intention of more personal time freedom and present moments.

So what would you do with 2 days of no wifi or cell service?

Do you think your monkey mind will get the best of you?

OR will you embrace it and lean into the goodness that can come from this space?


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