Mind Vibe Podcast: #123 | Alignment 2021 Part 4: The Dream Party

This is the last week of the Alignment 2021 series on The Mind Vibe Podcast.

In the first episode of this series, I shared a mini-workshop helping you understand WHY the mindset is so important and showing you WHY you are stuck or not moving forward in a certain area.

You can listen to that episode here.

In the second episode, I was talking about doing a reflection, which is what I call The Pre-Game.

When you take time to do a reflection you offer yourself the ability to gain clarity on what you may have forgotten.

You are able to see just how far you have come, what has changed, and what you are capable of doing.

Part of this episode today is a 3-page written exercise that you can take action on whenever you want. No matter the time of the year.

Listen to this episode here.

And in last week’s episode, we went through part of The Mindset Method - leveraging the 3 Step Mindset Framework.

The framework that I am sharing in this episode has the ability to radically transform your life - I am not kidding.

I was walking you through this simple process that you can take action on whenever you feel like you are stuck, your mindset has control or any other time you are tripped up.

And in today’s episode, we are wrapping things up with The Dream Party.

So far in this experience, we have discussed how your thoughts and beliefs are the reason you are the bottleneck in your business for any reason.

We also looked into your past and took the time to show yourself what you may have forgotten.

Then we moved into looking into where you want to go come the new year - 2021.

And we looked at where your mental mind was at within these desires, leveraging The 3 Step Mindset Framework.

And now we are going to make those desires real to you.

Many have a misunderstanding of the law of attraction and manifestation so they don’t use it effectively, but these unseen forces are always working within our lives and when you learn how to leverage them, things change and they can change quickly!

There is a quick ‘dream party meditation’ or whatever you want to call it within this episode.

Enjoy what you are listening to and if you need to go back through the Alignment 2021 series, then please do so.


As we wind down this year of 2020, I want to thank you for being a part of this journey and for being a part of this community.

It is YOU that I show up for and record these episodes and share my wisdom, learnings, and spiritual downloads with you.

And I am so grateful that you allow me the opportunity to speak into your life and support you as we ascend into our higher consciousness.

Signing off for 2020 my friend.

In love and light. In Good Vibes. Namaste,

Danielle G 


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