It's Okay To Let Things Go!

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It's Okay To Let Things Go

It is Saturday, October 26th and I am sitting at my corner Starbucks. I used to come sit at this Starbucks and get my work done all the time.

But I have not been here in over 3 months.

So much has changed for me over the past 3 months since pushing STOP on everything in my business. 

And today I thought I would share an update with you.

Where do I even being….

I guess I will start with this internal feeling like I was not getting my message through to the people that needed my help and I was taking The Mind Vibe Podcast in a direction I realized I did not want to be going in.

I was not making consistent money. Launches felt hard. And everything felt like a struggle.

I had just booked and interviewed a bunch of beautiful humans for The Mind Vibe Podcast - Inspirational Interviews season 2.

It was so amazing. I was able to connect and interview some really amazing people with some life changing personal transformations.

But the whole process was intense.

I ended up deleting a full edited episode (over 2.5 hours of creation and edit time).

My podcast host didn’t upload one of the episodes so I had to get it on YouTube.

Overall the editing process was taking an exorbitant amount of my time. 

And I was also interviewing some people that actually did not align with me and the show.

Basically anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

If you know my story then you know this is on par for what I have experienced from a technical standpoint in my business.

Honestly, it is just part of being an entrepreneur and it is part of the journey we must all embark on.

But the real shift happened when I started to receive messages from people asking me who do I help and what exactly do I do with mindset.

I thought to myself, ‘if these people have been following me for a year and do not know what I do, then we have a problem.’

The problem was staring me straight on.

I knew exactly what was going on. I was being presented with another pivot.

I needed to get clear on WHO I was serving and HOW I was able to help them.

The irony in this is that I knew.

I knew by the feelings I was feeling and that thoughts I was having that a shift was coming. 

I knew I was out of alignment and I needed to let go of this idea that I could help everybody.

I even spoke to my mentor about this weeks before making this decision to push stop.

And he just validated what I already knew.

So here I was pushing STOP on everything.

The Podcast

The Weekly coaching - #mindsetsessions

Course Creation


LIVE Streams

Daily Content


In a weird way I felt so liberated and I felt free.

I had been head down in this business with a few twists and turns for over 1.5 year at this point.

And I needed to bring my head up and see what has been working and what has not been working.

And pushing STOP on everything just felt so right.

On a deeper level, I knew that making this decision and trusting that it was what needed to happen, was the next step.

It would allow me to step into the trust I had for the universe and the direction I was being guided.

I took a couple weeks to let it all sink it. I took pen to paper and got to writing down what was working and what wasn’t. I did a complete analysis of my business and life.

First thing I identified was that I needed to move my office out of the basement and I needed to socialize with other humans.

I looked into getting space at our local co-working space, the coLab and as the universe would have it, there was a position for an ‘animator’ which required 8 hours of volunteer animating (aka reception) in exchange for a digital nomad membership (full access to the facility, 24/7).

I thought, perfect. I will exchange my time, it will help me meet everyone in the community the fastest way, and I will get office space in exchange.


Then I decided I needed to get real clear on who I was serving.

The one thing I have not talked about a lot is that I am The Mindset Mentor for a high-level group coaching program called Expert Selling.

I started as The Mindset Mentor in June and I have been doing that behind the scenes during all of this. Every Wednesday I coach this amazing group of humans on their mindset.

So amongst all this chaos I was experiencing in my business, I had this rock solid mentorship opportunity which allowed me to see first hand the people I wanted to work with and how I was able to help them.

That made gaining clarity on who I was actually wanting to help easier.

As I started to think about the clients I worked with, I realized a few similarities.

  1. 90% of my clients and students were Entrepreneurs
  2. They were all wanting to make a life transformation
  3. They were all chasing this dream they had in their heart
  4. They were all self-aware and awakening to oneself

There it was staring me straight in the face AGAIN!

I was helping the Entrepreneurs of the World. 

I was helping the people who were brave enough to step into the unknown and create impact and change.

But my content, courses, and direction was not 100% sailing that way!

I also had this realization that I needed to just focus on the current 1-on-1 clients that I had. 

I needed to be very present with helping the students in the Expert Selling Program.

And I had to get really clear and aligned with that I wanted and where I was going.

And that is exactly what I did.

I got to work on moving things around on the back end of my business (admin stuff), I got rid of some free content, and I made a new plan.

I got realigned with my purpose and passion.

I moved into a new office, decided who I was wanting to help, started to take on new clients that aligned with my new vision, and I was able to create my new signature program - Mindset Mastery Accelerator.

I have slowly been putting more stuff online recently and I am about to relaunch The Mind Vibe Podcast, and it excites me.

I am so glad that I have taken this time away to make the shifts and pivots that I needed to make.

There is this voice inside that is guiding you and allowing you to feel through intuition which direction to go, but we often miss the call and cues.

And there is this voice inside that is telling you that you have failed if you are not “doing all the things”.

And there is this voice that tries to keep you stuck and in the place of what’s not working.

But if you can silence the negative voice you are able to take the necessary steps to move beyond that place and to see what needs to be learned, what needs to be shifted, where more clarity needs to be found, and what the next steps are.

This is one of the hardest things for us, as Entrepreneurs to do.

To let go of something that at one point you were so passionate about or even letting go of something that is no longer aligned with where you are going, is really challenging to do.

However, the release of that which is not working, allows you to keep aligning with the direction you are meant to be going in.

I spent many nights crying wondering what I was doing.

I spent many hours doubting myself and thinking I should go get a real job.

I spent many hours looking honestly and critically at my business.

And I also spent many hours and days deciding that I was going to push through no matter what and I got to work.

I am so excited to be aligned again and sailing with so much purpose and alignment.

It is in these month long realignment periods that I realize just how much this is the way it is done.

We go through these experiences that feel like everything is breaking down, simple to make way for things to come back together.

And it always comes back together better than before.

If you are an entrepreneur reading this right now and you are struggling, I want you to know we have all been there.

We have all taken work just to take work.

We have been procrastinating on completing that ONE big project that will make a difference in our business.

We have been afraid to put more of ourselves out there to the world for fear of judgment.

We have felt like we should close the doors and try something else because it feels like nothing is working right now.

It is in all these moments that you must decide to engage in some serious self awareness not only for yourself but for your business and then take action from there.

Make the time to get realigned with your goals and passion.

Make the time to do the inner work and ask the questions to find the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck, and allow yourself space to shift them.

You did not decide to become an entrepreneur, one of THE hardest things to do on planet earth, to give up.

You decided to become an entrepreneur because you wanted the challenge. 

You wanted the growth.

You wanted the transformation

You wanted the time and money freedom.

And guess what!


But it has to start with you realizing when you need to take a step back to take 10 steps forward.


Have you been struggling for a while to get work that excites you?

Have you been sending out proposals and quotes to not hear anything back?

Have you been afraid to put yourself out there?

Have you been struggling to take action

Are you NOT making the money you NEED and desire?

Then I want to invite you to check out the Mindset Mastery Accelerator Program (MMA).

This is my 6 week Group Coaching Program where I help you, the Entrepreneur, step fully into the goals and dreams you have for yourself and your business.

I show you how you are holding yourself back and I help you find out exactly where that belief and thought came from.

We then move to reprogramming and repattern your beliefs and thoughts, through autosuggestion.

And through this 6 week process we create a new thought habit for you, where you will continually challenge the negative and limiting beliefs that WILL always be there trying to hold you back.

And through this program you will come out with clarity on what mental mindset you get to develop in order to support the goals and dreams of your business. And you will have the opportunity to step into this place you are wanting to go.

It is time to let go of what is holding you back and step fully into the place you so desire to be in.

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