INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEWS: James Chapman + Addison Corbin

In this episode I interviews James D. Chapman and Addison Corbin from the Grinder Podcast.  I met these two when they asked me to be a guest on their show and they continue to inspire me with what they are doing on their podcast, within their businesses, and the inner transformation they have had. Through their own personal inner journey they have been able to grow and learn about the lessons early on. There is some really good nuggets in this episode that are going to inspire you to keep going. James reminds us that we need to find our NORTH STAR and strive every day to move one step closer. Addison reminds us that everything in life is a blessing or a lesson. I am so grateful these two were my opening interview in this series. 

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Listen to Episode #35 as I chat with James & Addison about their podcast - The Grinder Podcast, business, personal growth, and so much more.



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