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I am BURNT OUT 🙋 (yup me, this girl!)

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2019

What's going on you beautiful human?

As you've noticed I have been rather quiet on the social networks over the last week and a bit.

During this time, I have been battling the ego mind that is telling me "what a failure I am for missing my emails".

The beat down of 'why can't I be consistent with my emails' is playing over and over again in my ego mind.

A part of me started to get really down on myself and let my ego mind in. 

You might be are the mindset mentor, how is this happening to you?

The truth is.....I am burnt out.

Yup. The Mindset Mentor is burnt out (I am human after all!)

So how did I get here? 

Well...I have been building a personal development company for the past 12 months. There has been many long days, nights, and months (and tears, anxiety, depression, doubt, etc).

I have been living in 3 different cities while helping a friend through a family death for the past 4 months and working full time for her business during the day. 

I have been juggling my new business, creating content, recording podcasts, showing up for the mindset society (my private fb community) as consistent as I can, and being present on all the social networks.

side note: all kinds of FUN roadblocks have been showing my domain name being confiscated from ICANN for 2 months and my podcast software not working, etc.

Oh and I've been trying to see friends and family when I can.

So yeah. I am EXHAUSTED!!!

My body, my being, and my soul are tired. 

I am BURNT OUT.  And that is A OK!

My brain, human body, and soul need a RESET

I knew it was going to happen.... I knew I was pushing myself to every limit possible.....but I just kept going until it happened.

And here we are! 

Like the Dalai Lama said, "It is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself." 

I have enough awareness to know and say I am burnt out and I need a break.

So I will be signing off for the next TWO weeks to continue doing ME and hitting the reset button.

I am getting on a plane to Palm Springs tomorrow and then I am headed home (yes finally my home!) for 3 weeks and I cannot wait.

So the next time you are battling your mind about what you are doing maybe it is time to check in and ask yourself if you need a break.

Are you beating a dead horse?

Do you need a reset?

Do you need some YOU time?

Do you need to disconnect to get reconnected?

Whatever it is for you, find the courage to acknowledge you are burnt out and take the time for YOU to reset.


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