You Are Not Your Thoughts

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You Are Not Your Thoughts

I remember a time when I used to always be worried about doing and saying the right thing.

I was always thinking scenarios over again. I would wonder if that person was talking about me.

It was crazy.

I was trying to keep up this image of the person I thought I was supposed to be.

I became very dark inside and I was on auto-pilot just living my life. My mind was always in the past, the future, and the what-ifs.

For so many years I was always worrying about everyone else opinions over my own.

But, I don’t live like that anymore.

I live in a place where I don’t give a f*ck.

I live in a place of ‘ let them talk about me. Let them talk about how I came out of nowhere.’

I found my voice, my self-love, my self-worth, and my self-acceptance.

I live with the lightbulb turned on inside. I live with freedom and flow mentally.

We become prisoners to our own life. We become prisoners to our own thoughts.

Your reality doesn’t have to be stuck in your thoughts. You are the one in control.

But in order to gain control, you have to know how it works.

Educate yourself on how to move through the mental tracks that are playing over and over again.

Once you do this you receive a key that allows you to slowly open all the areas that need to be opened.

Living in the present is the desired state of being. You are craving space in your mind. You are craving calmer seasons in life.

You can do this. You can live in a place where you thoughts are supporting, positive, and in the present moment.

It is time for you to release the past. Let it go. I give you permission today to stop living in that place.

Moving forward you are going to take daily imperfect action to break free from those patterns.

You are going to be successful at it. Your reality is going to shift and you will no longer be a prisoner of your mind and past.

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**If you want to learn more about how your thoughts create your reality, head to The Mind Vibe Podcast Episode 10 to learn more about this topic.

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