Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is ready to make impact, create wealth, and feel more aligned than ever before...

Hey I am Danielle Grant,

Mindset Mentoring is about helping people work through their setbacks and barriers that they have created in their mind for their career, relationships, finances, health, etc. I work with individuals from all backgrounds who find it frustrating to be faced with personal or professional mind setbacks.
My passion is helping you achieve the highest level of personal soul alignment possible.
We know that we are the creators of our reality and that all our thoughts and inner dialogue decide how we live, feel, and act. 
My goal is to help you change your thoughts and inner dialogue - whatever that looks like for YOU.
You deserve to wake up living a purpose filled, soul driven life. I believe it's possible, and I've dedicated my life to making it happen. 


It's time to make money doing what you love and living your purpose.

Want the VIP Experience? 

Every Monday + Thursday I send the mind tribe exclusive offers, mindset tips, and spiritual alignment directly from me.

What people are saying about Danielle

Marcus Lim

"The journey to a mindset shift and change was not easy as there were many old ideas and thoughts to change but Danielle was patient enough with me to show the breakthrough needed to reach the next level in mindset. I cannot say this enough but Thanks Danielle!"

Jessica Bristol

"I have been a part of the Mindset Society since January and just being a part of the tribe and having Danielle’s lives weekly was enough to have me hooked. Her energy and authenticity is something I didnt know I needed until I found it. In April I signed up for the Mindfulness Experience, and it completely changed the way I was looking at my life and my business."

Charlene Muskego

"Danielle is a servant leader! She has helped me in so many ways that I don’t think she truly knows. Through her social media tips, to her inspirational messages/stories she shares and being a kind person who understands, shares insight and listens. I would recommend anyone to her."



"Danielle has been my Mindset Mentor for the past 3 months and she has helped me keep moving forward towards my huge goals throughout this time. With Danielle's help and guidance I quickly realised how I was getting in my own way and she continually helped me overcome them and progress. As an entrepreneur it can be easy to lose clarity at times, but with Danielle in my corner I have been continuously challenged to grow and evolve from my comfort zone. This has had a dramatic impact on my business - notably by launching brand new products and growing my website membership by over 750% in 3 months! Danielle is my spiritual guardian and she ALWAYS shows up when you need her!"

Bryan B
Founder, The Pool Coach

"I'll be the first to say that I am usually turned off of the "Instagram Life Coaches" because many are coming from a place of wanting to be famous or an influence. But, Danielle wants to help people. She's already inspired me to create more videos and motivated me to do better. I love the rawness and realness of her videos and you can tell the words come from her heart. No bullsh*t!"

Danny V
Founder sanoMIND

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